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Does US Gay Marriage Debate Matter to PH? (Rappler)
Even if the US is a few steps ahead of the Philippines when it comes to civil rights and progressive legislations, same-sex marriage victories outside the country bring conversations to the table.
Young people who see that the tides are changing around the world won’t be as alienated and isolated the way I was in the late-90s from a lack of visible role models. Seeing politicians get elected regardless of their sexuality and because of their position on same-sex marriage is proof that supporting equal rights is no longer a societal death sentence or political self-sabotage.

Quoted in “The Silver Linings of Being Gay” (Spot.PH)
Despite the pain and isolation it causes, this exclusion is actually a gift. It tells you right away that you are unlike any other, that your path has not been carved, and that you have a chance to live and love in the most unique of ways. Being gay means you have a chance to change the world, but only if you’re brave. If not, the world will keep trying to change you.

Being Gay. Really. (Rappler)
I don’t know how I would have turned out if, every time I reached for a Tonka Truck, a Barbie was handed to me instead, if I was told I could only wear pink dresses, or if my toolbox, bicycle or skateboard were taken away. Would I be straight? I don’t think so, but I also wouldn’t be me.

A Decade of Change Marks The U.S. Elections (Rappler)
The Democrats won this election because they were not afraid to mingle with minorities and put their needs at the forefront of their platform. Obama won because all of his campaign gatherings were more accurate cross-sections of present-day America, in contrast with the mostly white Republican events.

A Fil-Am writer’s musings on how she can never be ‘American’ (GMA News Network)
I learned early on that I could never be American. I knew I could never tell the story of having been teased by a boy named Jimmy Chestnut who would later give me a Crackerjack ring while eating snow cones after a football game.

“Mute” In America (The Filam)
I was in my early twenties when I moved halfway around the world, naively thinking I could start over and integrate myself quickly since I was raised on American television, sang Britney Spears songs and ate my share of Trix — just because Jerry Seinfeld said it was his favorite.

Why Obama’s Words Matter  (
Lives, finances, and children’s welfare are at stake when families are denied federal rights that are readily given to any two opposite-sex people who meet on the street today and decide to get married tomorrow.

Holidays and Non-Traditional Families (
We know that when we gather, we can speak about our marriages and our families and identify with each other’s concerns. Without explanation, we recognize the unspoken restrictions in each other’s workplaces or the dangers that exist anywhere beyond our homes’ doors.

On Sendong and Other Tragedies (
Whenever I hear of avoidable tragedies, natural disasters, repeated political upheavals and foiled hostage crisis rescues, I can’t help but feel like it’s the same news on a different day. A thousand people died and we’re able to believe nothing else could have been done to prevent their misfortune. It’s just another event that shows that shrugging must really be our national pastime.

Hillary Clinton on LGBT Rights to the UN: How A Speech Can Mean So Much To So Many
In history it will be known that on December 6, 2011, Hillary Clinton told the world that our collective pain as homosexuals is not just in our imagination.

Big Gay Ice Cream Choinkwich – New Food Review at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
If you’ve ever wanted to attend Mass at a Catholic Church naked and eating a hotdog on Good Friday, then the indulgent treat of your fantasies is now a slobbering reality.

An Atypical Pen Pal Story at
I was given the name on a one-eighth sheet of paper, damp at the edges from its creases being licked before being torn.

9/11 Far Away, Then Not: An Immigrant’s Story at
It was ‘the day that changed everything,’ until it didn’t.
Frank Rich wrote that in this month’s New York Magazine.  He said that even in the immediate aftermath, 9/11 was less momentous for people who were at a safe remove from the carnage and grief.

The Confessional (original title) at Thought Catalog
I wanted to be a grownup, sure enough about myself to sit there among strange men and their tobacco, and actually take home a piece of their unpopular, devious art on my reckless, virgin skin.

I Don’t Forgive You at Thought Catalog
I don’t forgive you. And so I will stoke this grudge like a fire.

The Foreigner in the Corner 
at Thought Catalog
I am the quiet one in the crowd with an approving nod and a warm chuckle, the one who just smiles at whatever you say.

The Relativity of Discomfort  
at Thought Catalog
Wouldn’t everyone’s turn come soon enough?

Ten Lines Heard in Fits of Public Rage   at Thought Catalog

On Becoming American  at Thought Catalog
I learned early on that I could never be American. I knew I could never tell the story of having been teased by a boy named Jimmy Chestnut who would later give me a Crackerjack ring while eating snow cones after a football game.

The Tragic Implications of Digital Silence at Thought Catalog
If you hear silence, then you have been rejected a hundredfold.

To My Pre-Internet Ex Who Died at Thought Catalog

When I think about you I wonder if “LOL” would annoy you as much as it annoys me, if you would have a blog and if you’d think Twitter was a breakthrough in communication or a medium for self-indulgence.

Ten Tips to Protect Yourself on Facebook at
… you’re now part of its 350 million active users worldwide. You’re out there—and so is everything else about you. Or, at least, everything you choose to share about yourself…

Ten Video Games of the 80s You Can Still Play Online
Of course they seem so outdated when compared to the PSP and XBox graphics of modern video games, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t save your allowance to buy these games or play them at the arcade…

100 Filipina Poets (Curated by Luisa Igloria)

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