Shakira Sison

The relief of knowing you are going to die

“…that in some ways it would be a relief to know you were going to
die soon because you could stop agonizing about saving money or
growing old or whatever stupid thing it was you hadn’t yet
accomplished. I was furious with him at the time, but that afternoon I
thought, Is this what we get? Having to buy toilet paper every few
days. Filling the gas tank and getting nervous about the rattle that
sounds like $200 in repairs. Laundry. The elastic of your underwear
wearing out. The kitchen cabinets slowly pulling away from the wall. I
started to see what he meant, that it might be a relief to no longer
feel hungry or tired or diminished by the compression of your bones.”

I kept this quote many years ago and now cannot find its source. I apologize for that and if you can help me find it, please do.